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Advanced Half Lower Jaw with 8 diseased teeth, 19-part

Item #MM1515

Advanced Half Lower Jaw with 8 Diseased Teeth, 19-Part

The front section of bone and all the teeth are removable from the half lower jaw, one incisor is longitudinally sectioned. Nerves, blood vessels, the sublingual and submandibular glands are shown. These diseased teeth in this dental model show various stages of cavities from a small and easy-to-treat example on an incisor, through to advanced degradation of a molar, showing exposed root. Using this half lower jaw model it is simple to explain the necessity for good tooth care and demonstrate dental anatomy.

  • Height: 4" (10.16 cm)
  • Width: 13" (33.02 cm)
  • Length: 9" (22.86 cm)

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