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Gaboon Viper Skull (Replica)

Bitis gabonica

Item #SS373

Gaboon Viper Skull (Replica)
Bitis gabonica

Found in the rainforests and savannas of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Gaboon Viper is the world's heaviest viperid. They also have the longest fangs (up to 2 inches) and highest venom yield of any venomous snake. They can grow up to 6 feet and weigh up to 30 lbs. The head is large and triangular, while the neck is greatly narrowed: almost one-third the width of the head. A pair of horns is present between the raised nostrils, the purpose of which is currently unknown. Stand included

This museum quality replica is exactingly cast from an outstanding natural specimen, and hand-finished to match the original. Made in California using polyurethane resin to capture the finest details.

Bone Clones® Replica

  • Width: 3" (7.62 cm)
  • Class: Reptilia
  • Order: Squamata
  • Family: Viperidae
  • Species: Viper Skull, Gaboon Bitis gabonica (Replica)
  • Origin: West, Central, and East Africa

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