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Gila Monster Skull (Replica)

Heloderma suspectum

Item #SS363

Gila Monster Skull Heloderma suspectum

The Gila monster is found only in the southwest United States and northern Mexico. This skull is from an old specimen with excellent teeth and very pronounced epidermal knobs. They are the largest lizard in the U.S. growing up to 2 feet long and are quite slow moving. They are one of only 2 venomous lizards in the world.

This museum quality replica is exactingly cast from an outstanding natural specimen, and hand-finished to match the original. Made in California using polyurethane resin to capture the finest details.

Bone Clones® Replica

  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Squamata
  • Family: Helodermatidae
  • Species: Gila Monster Skull Heloderma suspectum (Replica)
  • Diet: Carnivore

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