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Honey Bee

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Honey Bee Zoology Poster

This is a wonderful series of Scientific German Educational Charts that were created in the 1950s and 60s, and which are produced to this day by the original printing company. This manufacturer has been internationally recognized for producing scientifically accurate educational charts since 1929.

These charts have been reissued using the original film and same methods as the first printing. They are printed without inscription for university study and aesthetic purposes with special attention paid to anatomical detail and accuracy.

They are mounted on linen canvas stretched on wooden rods for display. Each measures 44.5 inches tall by 32.25 inches wide (85 cm x 120 cm), and comes with a nylon cord strung through the top wooden rod for easy hanging.

They come rolled and are shipped in a sturdy mailing tube.

Honey Bee Key - Apis mellifica

Fig. 1a - Worker bee flying. Fig. 1b - Sitting on section of an apple-flower. Fig. 2 - Piece of honey-comb a) Queen (fertile female). b) Worker bee (undeveloped female). c) Drone (male). Fig. 3 - Development of the bee in the comb from: egg, larva, pupa. Fig. 4 - Head of a worker bee, seen from above, with sense organs and mouth organs (separate) for chewing and sucking. Fig. 5 - Poison glands, poison sac and sting of the worker bee. Fig. 6 - Abdomen of the worker bee, ventral view, with little sheets of secreted wax. Fig. 7 - Opened abdomen of the worker bee, showing honey bag, intestine, kidneys and tracheal bladders. Fig. 8 - Left foot of the worker bee, from the inside, with brush.

  • Height: 44.5" (113.03 cm)
  • Width: 32.25" (81.92 cm)
  • Origin: Germany

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