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Curated Selections

  • Assorted Raccoon Penis Bones
    Raccoon Penis Bone $5.00

    Unlike humans, most primates, carnivores and many other mammals have a penis bone, also known as a Baculum or Os Penis. Located within the erectile tissue, this bone provides a rigid structure to aid in...

  • Diaphonized Rat, Cleared and Stained - Thumbnail
    Rat, Cleared and Stained $109.00

    Rat, Cleared and Stained - Rattus norvegicus The Science Rats are the most successful animals on the planet after humans. Native to China and Mongolia, they have spread to almost every continent and live almost...

  • Cork coffee cup - Thumbnail
    Reusable Cork Coffee Cup - Killer Coffee $25.00

    Reusable Cork Coffee Cup - Killer Coffee Grippy, on the go, anti-spill coffee cup, Simple Features: - Double walled for insulation (hot or cold)  - Screw on lid with anti-spill cap  - Cork outer with printed...

  • Rocksoaps
    Rocksoaps $13.00

    Rocksoap Rocksoap is one of our most popular items here in The Evolution Store. Featured in multiple publications such as Time Out New York and InStyle, Rocksoaps are available in a variety of colors to complement any...

  • Scorpion Lollipop Thumbnail
    Scorpion Lollipop $4.00

    Scorpion Lollipop - Paruroctonus mesaensis The Science Scorpions appear in the fossil record in the Silurian Period, some 430 million years ago, and might have originally been aquatic animals in shallow seas. Predatory...

  • Scorpion Paperweights
    Scorpion Paperweights $8.00

    Scorpion Paperweights - Mesobuthus martensii The Science: Scorpions are predatory arthropods in the class Arachnidae. They have eight legs like spiders, but are easily recognized by their claws and curved, segmented tail...

  • Shark in a Jar - Thumbnail
    Shark in a Jar $24.00

    Shark in a Jar - Squalus acanthias                                                     ...

  • Shrunken Head - Front
    Shrunken Head $80.00

    Shrunken Head The Science Accounts of shrunken human heads as objects of magic or trade have fascinated and horrified people for hundreds of years. The practice originated with the Jivaro tribes of the Northwestern...

  • Skeleton Hand Jewellery Tidy - Thumbnail
    Skeleton Hand Jewellery Tidy $45.00

    Skeleton Hand Jewellery Tidy Keep things in the palm of your hand. Need a helping-hand holding your jewellery? Skeleton Hand will keep rings, bracelets and earrings organised neatly. Too many trinkets to wear all at...

  • Skull Scissors - Thumbnail
    Skull Scissors $15.00

    Skull Scissors Shockingly sharp stainless-steel scissors with a brass finish. From hair-raising haircuts to creepy paper crafts, these heavy-duty general use scissors are both handy and haunting in equal measure. The best...

  • Skull Tidy
    Skull Tidy $79.00

    Skull Tidy Keep your essentials in your head.  Keys, glasses, phone, watch, loose change, the entire contents of your pockets - it can be difficult keeping all of these things in mind. Get organised and keep your...

  • Solar System Hardcover Journal
  • MOVA Globe - Thumbnail
  • Tarantula Paperweight-Large-Red
    Tarantula Paperweight, X-Large $44.00

    Tarantula Paperweight - Ornithoctonus huwena The Science Tarantulas are a group of very large, very hairy spiders common in various places around the globe. The biggest tarantulas prey on vertebrates such as lizards...

  • Stand for The Eye of Time clock Library
  • Vintage Travel Magnifier - Thumbnail
  • Worm Lollipop Thumbnail
    Worm Lollipop $3.00

    Worm lollipop - Tenebrio molitor The Science: The larvae of Beetles and other insects have been eaten in many cultures in many places all around the world, since they are full of protein and often not covered with a tough...