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Meteorites, Fossils & Minerals

  • Fossil Ammonite - Thumbnail
    Fossil Ammonites - Perisphinctes sp. $22.00

    Whole AmmonitePerisphinctes species Perisphinctes, which flourished during the Jurassic, are found in many places around the world. They have striking ribbed shells and specimens from Madagascar often have a chalky...

  • Fossil Bryozoan - Thumbnail
    Fossil Bryozoan - Ectoprocta sp. $4.00

    Fossil Bryozoan - Ectoprocta sp. Bryozoans are tiny colonial animals that generally build stony skeletons of calcium carbonate, superficially similar to coral. There are about 8,000 living species, with several times that...

  • Fossil Cave Bear Molar
    Fossil Cave Bear Molar $79.00

    Fossil Cave Bear Molar– Ursus spelaeus The Cave Bear was a very large species of bear common in Europe during the Pleistocene and extinct by the beginning of the Last Glacial Maximum about 25,000 years ago.The...

  • Tumbled Orthoceras - Thumbnail
    Fossil Nautiloid - Orthoceras sp. $6.00

    Nautiloid Like their modern relative the chambered nautilus, Nautiloids had a soft body with tentacles that emerged from a hollow shell filled with gas for buoyancy. Unlike the Nautilus, which is admired for the beauty of...

  • Otodus obliquus - Thumbnail
    Fossil Otodus Shark Tooth $32.00

    Fossil Otodus Shark Tooth

  • Fossil Sea Urchin
    Fossil Sea Urchin $15.00

    Small Sea Urchins from Madagascar, these little specimens exhibit a five-pointed star pattern typical of may of their Echinoderm kin. A lovely little item for a bowl or curiosity collection!Sea urchins are small, spiny...

  • Fossil Shrimp
    Fossil Shrimp $69.00

    Fossil Shrimp - Carpopenaeus callirostrisIndividual shapes and fossils vary but your item will resemble the pictured example.The Greek historian Herodotus first mentioned the fossil beds of Hakel and Hajoula, Lebanon,...

  • Fossil Trilobite - Thumbnail
    Fossil Trilobite - Gerastos sp. $24.00

    Trilobite: Gerastos Species These nice little Proetid Trilobites have a bulging cephalon and well-defined beady little eyes. They make a great addition to any fossil collection.Trilobites are a type of extinct...

  • 7-14kt Gold Flakes
    Gold Flakes in a Vial $4.00

    Real 22kt Gold Gold is a type of metal that is characterized by its density, softness, and shine. It is also the most malleable and ductile metal known to man. Pure gold features a bright yellow color and luster, and is...

  • Medium Box Example Closed
    Hand Carved Malachite Box $59.00

    Malachite is a beautiful green mineral most often found in fissures and hollows near copper deposits, from which it obtains its vibrant hue. Historically, it was prized because of its intensity of color, and was ground into...

  • Indochinite Tektite 1
  • Marble Coaster - Mammoth
    Italian Marble Coaster - Mammoth Skeleton $15.00

    Italian Marble Coaster - Mammoth This striking skeleton, labeled "Fossil Elephant of Siberia" is that of a Mammoth, an 1836 engraving by William H. Lizars from The Naturalist's Library by Sir William Jardine...

  • Marble Coaster - Rhinoceros
    Italian Marble Coaster - Rhinoceros Skeleton $15.00

    Italian Marble Coaster - Rhinoceros This striking skeleton is that of a rhinoceros, an 1836 engraving by William H. Lizars from The Naturalist's Library by Sir William Jardine (1800-1874), a Scottish naturalist...

  • Kanab Picture Sandstone Sculpture
    Kanab Picture Sandstone Sculpture $12.00

    This striking piece is made from naturally formed picture sandstone found in Utah, USA, and simply sandblasted into these natural-looking shapes. Reminiscent of cliffs and mesas, these sculptural forms would look superb on a...

  • Knightia species - Fossil Fish
    Knightia species - Fossil Fish $39.00

    Fossil Fish – Knightia species Knightia are the most common fish in the Green River Formation, an Eocene geologic formation in the Rocky Mountains, also known as the Fossil Lake. Fish found in the limestone...

  • Bismuth Crystal Thumbnail
  • Magnets - Thumbnail
    Large Hematite Magnet Pair $3.00

    Magnets, Large Sold in sets of two pieces. Hematite is a form of iron oxide, which ranges in color from black to brown to red. Hematite is harder than pure iron, but much more brittle. Huge deposits of hematite are found...

  • Large Mineral Collection
    Large Mineral Collection. 50pc. $36.00

    Mineral Collection - Large   This Large collection contains 50 interesting rock and mineral specimens, and makes an ideal teaching tool or gift for the aspiring geologist!Each Kit contains: Scoria, Corundum,...

  • Large Natural Agate Slices
    Large Natural Agate Slices $19.00

    Large Natural Brazilian Agate Slices The Science: Agate is a type of chalcedony - a cryptocrystalline variety of silica. Often associated with volcanic activity, it is also found in metamorphic and fossiliferous rock...

  • Malachite Eggs
    Malachite Eggs $4.00

    Malachite Egg Malachite is a beautiful green stone most often found in association with copper, which lends it its intense color. Historically, it has long been prized as a decorative stone, and was incorporated into...