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Insect Art

  • Rhino Beetle Dome - Thumbnail
    Rhino Beetle Dome $2,495.00

    RHINO BEETLE DOME - Actias Luna & Chrysiridia rhipheus THE SCIENCE This dome features a variety of rhino beetles, also known as Dynastinae beetles, and can be found all over the world. There are over 1500 different...

  • Blue Butterfly Starburst - Thumbnail
    Blue Butterfly Starburst

      BLUE BUTTERFLY STARBURST THE SCIENCE There are a few specimen that makeup this display, but one that really stands out is the Blue Morpho. There are at least 29 species of Morpho, a genus of brilliant blue...

  • Giant Giant Blue Morpho Display - Thumbnail
    Giant Giant Blue Morpho Display

    GIANT GIANT BLUE MORPHO DISPLAY - MORPHO DIDIUS THE SCIENCE There are at least 29 species of Morpho, a genus of brilliant blue butterflies widespread across (and unique to) Latin America. The male Morpho didius...