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Specimens in Resin

  • Long-fanged Stag Beetle in Resin
  • Mountain Stag Beetle in Resin
    Mountain Stag Beetle in Resin $12.00


  • Spider Medium
  • Pigeon Dissection
  • Pond Turtle Large
    Pond Turtle in Resin $39.00

    Pond Turtle In Resin The Red-Eared Slider is a semi-aquatic pond slider native to the southern United States. It gets the “Red-Eared” part of its name from the distinctive red stripe around its ears, and the...

  • Praying Mantis
    Praying Mantis in Resin $19.00

    Praying Mantis in Resin - Hierodula patellifera The Science: The praying mantis is an ambush predator that waits patiently for its prey to come near before striking with its raptorial forelimbs. It eats primarily insects,...

  • Siamese Fighting Rhinoceros Beetle in Resin
  • Scorpion Paperweight-X-Large-Red
    Scorpion Paperweight, X-Large $34.00

    Scorpion Paperweight, Large Scorpions are predatory arthropods in the class Arachnidae. They have eight legs like spiders, but are easily recognized by their claws and curved, segmented tail tipped with a venomous...

  • Scorpion Paperweights
    Scorpion Paperweights $8.00

    Scorpion Paperweights - Mesobuthus martensii The Science: Scorpions are predatory arthropods in the class Arachnidae. They have eight legs like spiders, but are easily recognized by their claws and curved, segmented tail...

  • Lifecycle of Silkworm Moth
    Silkworm Moth Lifecycle in Resin $59.00

    Life Cycle of Silkworm Moth - Bombyx mori The Science: Silk as a commercial industry began in northern China over 4,000 years ago. While the larva of most Moths and Butterflies produce silk, the Silkworm Moth has been...

  • Spider Keychain-Clear
  • Spiny Spider
    Spiny Spider in Resin $8.00

    Spiny Spider in Resin It is obvious where this Spiny Spider gets its name – its small body is covered in long, threatening spikes that can reach up to 30mm in diameter. Like the wasp spider, it weaves an impressive...

  • Stag Beetle in Resin
    Stag Beetle in Resin $12.00

    Golden Stag Beetle in Resin - Odontolabis cuvera The Science: Stag Beetles are so-called because males bear large, sometimes extravagant mandibles - vaguely resembling antlers - which are often used in wrestling matches...

  • Stick Insect
    Stick Insect in Resin $19.00

    Stick Insect in Resin Stick Insects, also called Walking Sticks, are extremely difficult to spot in the wild because of their striking stick-like appearance. They are of the order Phasmida, which comes from the Greek for...

  • Tarantula
    Tarantula in Resin $69.00

    Tarantula - Ornithoctonus huwenum The Science: Known as the “Golden Earth Tiger,” this large Chinese Tarantula species can grow up to 7 inches across. Like many other large Tarantulas around the world, it is...

  • Tarantula Paperweight-Large-Red
    Tarantula Paperweight, X-Large $44.00

    Tarantula Paperweight - Large Tarantulas are a group of very large, very hairy spiders common in various places around the globe. The biggest tarantulas prey on vertebrates such as lizards and mice. They can live in trees...

  • Toad Dissection in Resin
  • Toad in Resin
    Toad in Resin $27.00

    Toad in Resin - Bufo bufo gargarizans The common European toad is one of the most widespread species on earth and be found in such distant regions as Siberia and North Africa. Despite their small stature, toads can be...

  • Wasp
    Wasp in Resin $8.00

    Yellow Paper Wasp - Polistes olivaceus The Science: The Paper Wasp creates nests using dead wood, bark, and plant stems, which it chews up and mixes with its own saliva as a glue. Despite being very paper-like, these nests...

  • Whip Scorpion in Resin
    Whip Scorpion in Resin $19.00