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Lifecycles & Dissections

  • Fly Life Cycle in Resin
    Fly Lifecycle in Resin $49.00

    Fly Life-cycle in Resin This specimen is set in transparent lucite resin and shows the various stages of life of a fly, making it a great decorative piece or educational display...

  • Leaf Phyllotaxy
  • Comparative Brains in Resin
    Comparative Brains in Resin $149.00

    This comparison set includes brains from five different types of animals: fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, and mammal.   It allows you to see in detail the structures of the brain and many of the similarities and...

  • Dragonfly Life Cycle in Resin
  • Lifecycle of Cabbage Butterfly
    Cabbage Butterfly Lifecycle in Resin $59.00

    Life-cycle of Cabbage Butterfly in Resin The Cabbage White Butterfly lays its eggs on the undersides of various roots and vegetables, like cabbage, kale, radishes, or hedge mustard. The Cabbageworm, (the larva of the...

  • Toad Dissection in Resin
  • Pigeon Dissection
  • Lifecycle of Frog
    Frog Lifecycle in Resin $49.00

    Lifecycle of Frog - Fejervarya limnocharis The Science: The earliest fossils of True Frogs are known from the Jurassic Period. Like other Amphibians, they are able to absorb oxygen and “breathe” through their...

  • Lifecycle of Honey Bee
    Honey Bee Lifecycle in Resin $59.00

    Life Cycle of Honey Bee - Apis mellifica The Science: The Western Honey Bee is native to Europe, Africa and Asia and has been cultivated and kept by humans for thousands of years. A social insect, the Honey Bee collects...

  • Comparative Hearts in Resin
    Comparative Hearts in Resin $149.00

    Comparative Hearts in Resin The Science: The Heart is the central organ in the circulatory systems of all vertebrate species. It is a muscle distinguished from other muscle groups by its distinct cell structure. Although...

  • Lifecycle of Silkworm Moth
    Silkworm Moth Lifecycle in Resin $59.00

    Life Cycle of Silkworm Moth - Bombyx mori The Science: Silk as a commercial industry began in northern China over 4,000 years ago. While the larva of most Moths and Butterflies produce silk, the Silkworm Moth has been...

  • Lifecycle of Grasshopper
    Grasshopper Lifecycle in Resin $59.00

    Life Cycle of Grasshopper - Stenocatanops splendens The Science: Grasshoppers are insects in the order Orthoptera. Found all over the world and especially abundant in the tropics, they are similar to Crickets, Katydids and...

  • Fish Dissection in Resin
    Fish Dissection in Resin $139.00

    Fish Dissection in Resin - Oreochromis niloticus The Science This specimen in resin features a preserved and dissected Nile Tilapia. This fish is native to the waters surrounding northern Africa and Israel. It is a very...