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Skulls, Skeletons, Anatomy & More

  • Skunk Skull
    Skunk Skull $36.00

    Name - Mephitis mephitis The Science: Distributed across the Americas, the 10 or so species of Skunk are also related to “Stink Badgers” found in Indonesia and the Philippines. The Striped Skunk, one of the...

  • Standard Human Skeleton with Pelvic Mounted Stand - Full
    Standard Human Skeleton with Pelvic Mounted Stand (Replica) $529.00

    Standard Human Skeleton with Pelvic Mounted Stand (Replica) This classic model has been the standard of quality in hospitals, schools, universities, and laboratories for over 50 years. Excellent value 3-year warranty...

  • Toad Skeleton
    Toad Skeleton $79.00

    Toad Skeleton – Bufo melanostictus The Black-Spined Toad is a terrestrial toad that inhabits moist grasslands and woodlands, usually near a body of water. It makes its home in crevices or under rocks, and tends...

  • Turtle Skeleton
    Turtle Skeleton $98.00

    TURTLE SKELETON - TRACHEMYS SCRIPTA THE SCIENCE: The pond slider, Trachemys scripta, is a common, medium-sized species of semi-aquatic turtle native to the United States and Mexico. It has become a relatively widespread...

  • Venomous Snake
    Venomous Snake Skeleton $89.00

    Venomous Snake Skeleton – Gloydius halys The skeleton of a snake is made up almost entirely of vertebrae and rib bones. Its vertebrae are divided into two parts: the precaudal vertebrae, which are attached to its...

  • Water buffalo Horn - Thumbnail
    Water Buffalo Horn $6.00