Solar-powered Cassini Terrestrial Globe - Green

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Solar-powered Cassini Terrestrial Globe - Green

The Science

This eye-catching globe features cool sea foam green oceans combined with a vintage 1790 map created by Giovanni Maria Cassini.

The Story

The soothing sea foam green color palette is the first thing people notice, and it offers a soothing and serene tone. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, this globe is also highlighted by its historical relevance. It depicts the three voyages taken by Captain James Cook in a design created by Giovanni Maria Cassini in 1790. A red ecliptic line is also present, showing the sun's position each day of the year.

SKU: HD-GL0006
Dimensions: Small 4.5"D
Medium 6"D
Material: Plastic
Origin: Taiwan
Shipping Restrictions: None.

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