Standing Jackalope


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Standing Jackalope

Jackalopes are mythical animals of North American folklore. They are so named because they combine attributes from both jackrabbits and antelopes (in most cases, actually deer antlers). Depictions of “horned hares” date as far back as 1575.

It is possible that the mythology surrounding jackalopes developed after observations of rabbits infected with the Shope papilloma virus, which causes antler-like tumors to grow on the animal's body and head.

Evolution also carries Jackalope head mounts!

Each Jackalope is unique and made by hand, so the size and shape of the antlers may vary, but yours will resemble the pictured fella.

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SKU: AP-TX0013
Dimensions: 23"H x 10"W x 16"D
Scientific Name: Lepus townsendii & Odocoileus virginianus
Origin: USA
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