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Short-Faced Bear Skeleton, Articulated (Replica)

Item #SS1866

Short-Faced Bear Skeleton (Replica)
Arctodus simus yukonensis

Living in North America until about 12,000 years ago, the short-faced bear was the largest mammalian land carnivore within the last 20,000 years. They were found in Alaska. Other specimens have been found in several locations from Mexico to Alaska. These bears were extremely large and weight estimates have been in excess of 1300 lbs. Short-faced bears were strictly carnivorous and ate up to 35lbs of meat per day. They are considered the largest predatory mammal to have roamed the earth. This specimen was approximately five feet at the hip and stood about 12 feet tall.

This museum quality replica is exactingly cast from an outstanding natural specimen, and hand-finished to match the original. Made in California using polyurethane resin to capture the finest details.

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  • Length: 144" (365.76 cm)

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