Immersed in the world of natural wonders from a young age, I developed an enduring fascination for the extraordinary as the daughter of The Evolution Store's founder. My childhood was filled with rich experiences, traveling with my father across continents, and soaking up the vast diversity of our planet. These journeys ignited a passion for nature that led to my current role as the co-owner of The Evolution Store.

An avid reader, with Neil Gaiman as my favorite author, I'm constantly inspired by the boundless worlds of imagination and the mysteries of the natural world. I enjoy creating – whether it's curating collections at The Evolution Store or baking my famous Whoopie Pies. But my most fulfilling role is being a mother to our son, Dexter. My personal collection is a celebration of nature's enchanting beauty, offering our customers a glimpse into the awe-inspiring tapestry of life.

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