Polished Dinosaur Droppings - Coprolite


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Polished Dinosaur Droppings - Coprolite

The Science

Coprolite is the scientific name for fossilized feces. These types of droppings have helped scientists find evidence of the diet and habits of extinct creatures, though there is usually no way to directly match a coprolite with any particular species of animal. Occasionally, specimens contain fossilized bits of crushed and partially digested organic material. Although one might imagine that the preservation of poop over millions of years would seem unlikely, coprolite is a fairly common fossil.

The Story

These fossilized droppings from Utah have undergone a fossilization process turning them into a quite attractive stone - and they don't smell. Now you can own a piece of true poo history!

Each specimen is unique and the measurements are approximate. Colors and shapes may vary, but yours will resemble the pictured examples.


SKU: FO-SL0008
Dimensions: ~ 2.25"L x 2"W x 1"D
Scientific Name: Coprolite
Origin: Utah, USA
Age: Millions of Years Old
Shipping Restrictions: None.

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