A-Quality Dinosaur Tooth - Spinosaurus

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A-Quality Dinosaur Tooth - Spinosaurus aegypticus

The Science

These genuine Dinosaur Tooth come from Spinosaurus(meaning "Spine Lizard" due to the array of spines forming a fin on its back), which may have attained lengths of over 50 feet and was perhaps the largest of all the carnivorous dinosaurs. Its remains were first unearthed in Egypt and described by Ernst Stromer in 1915, and Spinosaurus apparently ranged far across a large portion of what is now North Africa. Spinosaurusare probably the most commonly traded dinosaur tooth, and they may well have shed them continuously over the course of their lifespan. Complete skeletal specimens of Spinosaurus are very rare, however, and the tooth are getting more difficult to obtain.

The anatomy and behavior of Spinosaurus is still debated, with some suggesting that it may have been the most fearsome predatory dinosaur of all, and others arguing that its very long skull indicates a diet mostly of fish.

The Story

These A-quality tooth are typical of Spinosaurus: long, conical and without any serrations. They have excellent enamel and are in beautiful shape for fossils of this age.

Each specimen's color, shape and wear is slightly different, but your tooth will resemble the pictured examples.


SKU: FO-DN0002
Scientific Name: Spinosaurus sp.
Origin: Morocco
Period: Cretaceous
Age: 100 Million Years
Shipping Restrictions: None.