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Evolution's selection of dental models are made from high quality resin with great attention to detail and accuracy. We offer a number of different replicas to fit your specific needs, supplying a variety of full jaw and detailed tooth models. Our dental study models are sturdily crafted to withstand handling and ideal to meet all dental education needs.

Human Adult Female Teeth set of 32 in base

Item #SS0086
Price: $ 290.00

Adult Dentures

Item #MM1512
Price: $ 177.00

Advanced Half Lower Jaw with 8 diseased teeth, 19-part

Item #MM1515
Price: $ 274.00

Classic Tooth Model Series, 8 times life-size

Item #MM1501
Price: $ 429.00

Dental disease, magnified 2 times, 21 parts

Item #MM1524
Price: $ 280.00

Dentition Development

Item #MM1509
Price: $ 209.00

Giant Dental Care Model, 3 times life-size

Item #MM1508
Price: $ 124.00

Giant Molar with Dental Caries, 15 times life-size, 6-part

Item #MM1502
Price: $ 258.00

Giant Toothbrush

Item #MM1523
Price: $ 27.00

Half Lower Jaw, 3 times full-size, 6-part

Item #MM1510
Price: $ 231.00

Lower Canine, 2-part

Item #MM1504
Price: $ 100.00

Lower Incisor, 2-part

Item #MM1503
Price: $ 100.00