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Evolution's selection of dental models are made from high quality resin with great attention to detail and accuracy. We offer a number of different replicas to fit your specific needs, supplying a variety of full jaw and detailed tooth models. Our dental study models are sturdily crafted to withstand handling and ideal to meet all dental education needs.

Lower Single-Root Pre-Molar

Item #MM1505
Price: $ 68.00

Upper Triple-Root Molar with Caries, 2-part

Item #MM1516
Price: $ 130.00

Upper Triple-Root Molar, 3-part

Item #MM1507
Price: $ 137.00

Milk Dentures

Item #MM1513
Price: $ 153.00

Tongue Model, 2.5 times life-size, 4-part

Item #MM1511
Price: $ 191.00