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Replica Skulls and Skeletons!

Our museum-quality replica skulls and skeletons are painstakingly cast in polyurethane resin and hand-finished to capture the subtle detail of the original specimens. Sturdy enough to withstand repeated handling in classrooms, these replicas are also found in numerous educational exhibits, zoos and museums throughout the world. The excellence of the casts allows for the study and display of hundreds of extremely rare or protected specimens which would otherwise be impossible to obtain.

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The gorilla is the largest of the great apes. This skull, cast from an exceptionally large gorilla, has an extremely prominent crest and excellent dentition.

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Lucy Skull

Lucy dates to 3.2 MYA. She was discovered in 1974 in Hadar, Ethiopia. Two versions of the same skull are available with the reconstructed areas in either light or dark brown finish.

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Sabertooth Smilodon

A member of the extinct subfamily Machairodontinae, the Smilodon lived between 2.5 million-10,000 years ago in North and South America. They were among the largest felids.

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This skull of a European male allows for study of the complex anatomy of the endocranium. This museum quality replica is exactingly cast from an outstanding natural specimen.

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