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Skulls, Skeletons, Anatomy & More

  • Bat Skeleton
  • Beaver Skull
    Beaver Skull $59.00

    Beaver Skull - Castor canadensis The Science: The American Beaver is the largest rodent in North America, and is similar in size to the Eurasian Beaver (Castor fiber), either of which are only surpassed by the Capybara as...

  • Bullfrog
  • Comparison Skulls
  • Coyote Skull
    Coyote Skull $34.00

    Coyote - Canis latrans The Science: The Coyote is found widespread across Central and North America. Despite constant human encroachment, coyotes have flourished as a species and even reproduce in metropolitan areas. In...

  • Fox Skull
    Fox Skull $44.00

    Fox Skull - Vulpes vulpes The Science: The Red Fox, the most widespread species of Carnivore in the world, and the largest of the True Foxes, is distributed widely across the Northern Hemisphere. It lives in all sorts of...

  • Mink Skull
    Mink Skull $16.00

    Mink Skull - Neovison vison The Science: The American Mink Neovison (formerly Mustela) vison is a nocturnal and semi-aquatic carnivore, living around forested streams, lakes and marshes throughout North America. An adult...

  • Muskrat Skull
    Muskrat Skull $12.00

    Muskrat Skull - Ondatra zibethicus The Science: The Common Muskrat is not a true Rat, but a medium sized, semi-aquatic rodent that lives in wetlands throughout North America. The Muskrat’s name is possibly partly...

  • Non-Venomous Snake Skeleton
  • Quail Skeleton
  • Raccoon Skull
    Raccoon Skull $29.00

    Raccoon Skull - Procyon lotor The Science: The name “raccoon” is derived from a Powhattan word, and the creature was originally put in the genus Ursus with bears (to whom it is believed to be distantly related)...

  • Rat Skeleton
  • Skunk Skull
    Skunk Skull $29.00

    Name - Mephitis mephitis The Science: Distributed across the Americas, the 10 or so species of Skunk are also related to “Stink Badgers” found in Indonesia and the Philippines. The Striped Skunk, one of the...

  • Turtle Skeleton