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Art & Artifacts

  • Aterian Point - Thumbnail
    Aterian Point $15.00

    ATERIAN POINT THE SCIENCE The Aterian is a Middle Stone Age stone tool industry centered in North Africa. The earliest Aterian dates to c. 150,000 years ago, around the beginning of the Last Interglacial, when the...

  • Ancient Greek Vessel - Thumbnail
    Ancient Greek Vessel $395.00

    ANCIENT GREEK VESSEL THE SCIENCE This Ancient Greek vessel, known as an oenochoe, was used as a wine jug and a key form of ancient Greek pottery. The form was popular throughout the Bronze Age, especially at prehistoric...

  • Shrunken Head - Front
    Shrunken Head $80.00

    Shrunken Head The Science Accounts of shrunken human heads as objects of magic or trade have fascinated and horrified people for hundreds of years. The practice originated with the Jivaro tribes of the Northwestern...

  • Mini Shrunken Heads - Cluster
    Mini Shrunken Head $10.00

    Mini Shrunken Head Made from Polyurethane resin, these fiendishly detailed little heads seem to be extra-shrunken for use as ornaments. Hang one from your backpack, or your rear-view mirror. A fun novelty item and a great...