Fossil Sea Urchin


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Fossil Sea Urchin - Echinoid fossil

The Science

Small Sea Urchins from Madagascar, these little specimens exhibit a five-pointed star pattern typical of may of their Echinoderm kin. Sea urchins are small, spiny animals that live on the ocean floor. Their spines, which do not preserve well as fossils, serve as protection and as a means to move across the ocean floor. They move slowly, feeding mostly on algae. Despite their abundance, these fossilized sea urchins are a relatively new discovery.

The Story

They are great for small gifts, decoration, or making jewelry. Evolution also carries modern-day sea urchins and both make for a lovely little item for a bowl or curiosity collection!

Individual shapes and fossils vary but your item will resemble the pictured example.

SKU: FO-SL0008
Dimensions: between 2.5" Diameter, 1"H
Scientific Name: Echnodermata
Origin: Tulear, Madagascar
Period: Jurassic
Age: 200-145 Million Years
Shipping Restrictions: None.


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