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  • Megalodon Shark Tooth - Small - Thumbnail
    Megalodon Shark Tooth - Small $59.00

    Megalodon Tooth The Science These are the fossil teeth of Megalodon, an extinct giant shark thought to have grown more than fifty feet in length which roamed the seas worldwide between about 25 million and 1.5 million...

  • Ammonite Half - Thumbnail
    Ammonite Half $12.00

    Fossil Ammonite - Cleoniceras sp. The Science These are excellent, hand-picked examples of Cleoniceras Ammonites from Madagascar. Ammonites from this location are unusually well-preserved, and are often filled with...

  • Fossil Shrimp
    Fossil Shrimp $48.00

    Fossil Shrimp - Carpopenaeus callirostris The Science The Greek historian Herodotus first mentioned the fossil beds of Hakel and Hajoula, Lebanon, where he said there were “fish in the stones.” These...

  • Amber with Insect Thumbnail
    Amber with Insect $39.00

    Amber with Insect The Science Amber is fossilized resin from pine trees which grew in prehistoric forests. Resin running down a tree occasionally trapped small insects and preserved them for the ages. Mosquitoes trapped...

  • Spinosaurus Teeth Thumbnail
    Dinosaur Tooth - Spinosaurus $32.00

    Dinosaur Tooth - Spinosaurus THE SCIENCE These genuine dinosaur teeth come from Spinosaurus, or "Spine Lizard" (due to the array of spines forming a fin on its back). This dinosaur may have attained lengths of over 50...