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Badger - Meles meles

The Science

Badgers are omnivores with short and wide bodies and on average can grow up to 35 inches. Badgers are fond mainly in North America and Europe, but some can be found as far as East Asia. 

The Story

This particular piece of taxidermy is beautifully made, with incredibly long nails and a very very fluffy coat. Please watch our video on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram to get a better look at this beauty!

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Scientific Name: Meles meles
Origin: North America
Dimensions: 11"H x 33"W x 13"D W
Shipping Restrictions: International wildlife export fees apply

Customers with shipping addresses outside of the US will be charged an additional fee. Please allow up to 60 days for your order to be processed. Read our full international wildlife shipping policy here.

33" x 13" x 11"
3.35 Lbs