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Our fascination with the intricate details of human anatomy led us to the classic image of a human skull, originally drawn by Jan Wandelaar for the renowned Dutch anatomist Bernhard Siegfried Albinus. This illustration, which graced the pages of the famous anatomical treatise Tabulae Sceleti et Musculorum Corporis Humani (Leiden, 1747), represents a meticulous approach to anatomy. Instead of the typical dissection from the outside in, Albinus and Wandelaar began with the skeleton, building their depictions layer by layer.

The Evolution Skull Hoodie design traces its roots back to the pioneering anatomical illustrations of Vesalius and Eustachius. By choosing to start with the skeleton and work outwards, Albinus and Wandelaar revolutionized the way anatomy was visualized, setting a new standard for precision and detail.

Crafted from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, our pullover drawstring hoodies promise warmth, breathability, and a consistent fit over time. Available in six sizes, there's a perfect fit for everyone. Beyond hoodies, this iconic anatomical skull design also graces our t-shirts and tote bags. A staple of our store for years, the Evolution Skull design has evolved into a modern classic. Embrace the fusion of history and style by adding this piece to your collection today!


SKU: AC-HD0001
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    Evolution Skull Hoodie

    Posted by Peter Aller on Jan 23rd 2023

    I bought two of these several years ago and they've been fantastic, so I bought a new one. Still looks good I love the comments I get here in the bible belt