Fossil Ammonite (Perisphinctes sp.)


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If you journey through the Atsimo-Andrefana region of southwest Madagascar, you may find youself near the town of Sakaraha, a place rich in geological wonders. The Morondava River Basin, known for its abundance of fossils, revealed to us the Perisphinctes sp. Ammonite. This specimen, dating back to the Oxfordian Age of the Late Jurassic Period (~161 to 156 million years ago), captivated us with its intricate patterns and compact size of approximately 2.25" on its longest side. It's a perfect piece to add a touch of prehistoric charm to any space.

Ammonites, such as the Perisphinctes sp., are an extinct group of marine mollusc animals. These creatures were prolific breeders, lived in schools, and are believed to have been good swimmers, thanks to their streamlined shells. Their shells, which are often preserved as fossils, are characterized by their distinctive spiral shape and chambered interior.

This Perisphinctes sp. Ammonite is a genuine fossil, responsibly sourced from the Morondava River Basin in Madagascar. Each piece is unique, carrying with it a piece of Earth's history from the Late Jurassic period. Your purchase comes with the assurance of authenticity and the knowledge that you're holding a piece of our planet's incredible past in your hands.

Individual specimens vary but your item will resemble the pictured examples.




SKU: FO-SL0005
Dimensions: ~2.25" longest side
Scientific Name: Perisphinctes sp.
Origin: Madagascar
Period: Late Jurassic
Age: 155 Million Years Old
Shipping Restrictions: None.