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  • Brazilian Cowhide Rug
    Brazilian Cowhide Rug $395.00

    BRAZILIAN COWHIDE RUGS THE SCIENCE Cattle, Bos taurus (colloquially “cows”) are the most common type of large, domesticated, quadrupedal ungulates. They’re a very prominent member of the Bovidae family,...

  • Burchell's Zebra Rug
    Burchell's Zebra Rug $2,995.00

    BURCHELL’S ZEBRA RUG THE SCIENCE: Zebras are horses’ evolutionary cousins native to Africa; they’re very well known for their distinctive black and white stripes. Although they’ve never been truly...

  • Tiger Rug
    Tiger Rug $295.00

    TIGER RUG The Tiger is the biggest of the “big cats”, reaching up to 11 ft in length. Tigers are solitary animals and are distinguished from other felines by their distinctive black stripes. Most Tigers are...