Map Turtle Shell


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Map Turtle Shell

The Science

The northern map turtle, or common map turtle, is an aquatic turtle and is endemic to North America. Map turtles get both their common and scientific names from the markings on the skin and carapace. The lines on the carapace are shades of yellow, tan, or orange and are surrounded by dark borders. The rest of the carapace is olive or greyish brown. The map turtle is dormant around November through early April depending on local climactic factors. Map turtles spend the winter under water and do not surface to breathe, especially when ice cover makes this impossible. Adults rest on the bottom or wedged underneath rocks or logs and often hibernate communally with other northern map turtles where they may remain somewhat active.

The Story

Map turtles are more carnivorous than other members of their family.  Adult females have wide heads, strong jaws and broad alveolar crushing surfaces in their mouths which they use to feed on mollusks, their primary prey, as well as insects and  crayfish. Adult males are much smaller and have narrower heads and feed on smaller mollusks and insects. Like most other aquatic turtles, feeding always takes place in the water. 


SKU: AP-SL0140
Dimensions:Small: ~ 4"L x 4" W x 2"H
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Large: ~8.5"L x 8"W x 3.5"H
Scientific Name: Graptemys geographica
Origin: North America
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