Optical Glass Prisms

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Optical Glass Prisms


These are a series of Prisms made from Borosilicate Crown Glass. Absolutely clear, they refract light in interesting ways, and may be used dispersively to separate white light into its constituent colors, their most familiar property.

Prisms work on the principle that light changes speed and angle as it passes through different materials, a fact demonstrated when we see that a stirrer appears crooked when half-immersed in water. The angle of refraction differs between wavelengths of light, and can therefore spread the various colors (corresponding to different wavelengths) which make up white light into a rainbow of different hues.

In addition to their optical properties, these prisms are just attractive as objects, and make a nice set for a mantelpiece or windowsill as well as a classroom. We have been getting requests for prisms for some time, and we are happy to be able to offer these high-quality pieces!

Each of these prisms is an equilateral triangle in section and the pieces differ only in length (in millimeters), except for the Right-Angle prism. The ends are ground glass.

SKU: HD-DS0038
Dimensions: Glass Prism, 50mm Hypotenuse 45mm, (2")
Glass Prism, Equilateral, 50 x 25mm, (2" x 1")
Glass Prism, Equilateral, 75 x 25mm, (3" x 1")
Glass Prism, Equilateral, 100 x 25mm, (4" x 1")
Glass Prism, Equilateral, 150 x 25mm, (6" x 1")
Origin: Canada
Shipping Restrictions: None.
North America

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    Perfect prism

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 13th 2022

    As described! Arrived quickly. Thanks Evolution store.

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