Rainbow Petrified Wood Stand-ups


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These handsome blocks have been cut and polished to prominently display the colors, markings and patterns that are unique to each piece. Each has a flat base finished on the bottom with black felt to protect your furniture.

Our Petrified Wood is offered in chunks that nestle into the palm of your hand. They make great paperweights, and also look good displayed in groups on a coffee table or shelf. They are a unique way to enhance your home's décor.

Petrified wood is the result of a tree's trunk or limbs having turned into stone by the process of permineralization. This means that more-or-less all of the original organic materials have been replaced with minerals.

The petrification process occurs when wood becomes buried under sediment, such as volcanic ash (most petrified wood is associated with volcanic activity), and is preserved due to a lack of oxygen, inhibiting aerobic decomposition. Over millions of years, water bearing silica trickles down through the sediment and the silica forms crystals in the cells and hollows of the wood. Eventually the wood is completely mineralized, often preserving minute structural detail. The different minerals in groundwater are what give petrified wood its variety of colors.


Individual shapes and colors vary but your item will resemble the pictured examples.


What's old is new again, with Evolution's extensive petrified wood collection!


SKU: FO-PW0002
Dimensions: Approximately 2.75"L x 1"D x 2.75"H
Scientific Name: Araucarioxylon arizonicum
Origin: Arizona, USA
Shipping Restrictions: None.
North America
Made/Assembled in USA
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