Tarbosaurus Shoulder Mount Replica


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Our Tarbosaurus Shoulder Mount Replica is a stunningly realistic reproduction of the skull and cervical bones of the Tarbosaurus, a large carnivorous dinosaur that roamed what is now Mongolia during the Late Cretaceous period. This detailed and life-sized replica is hand-painted to perfectly capture the intricate textures and colors of the original bone, and comes with a sturdy wall-mount for easy display. It's a must-have for any dinosaur enthusiast or collector looking to add a unique and impressive piece to their collection.

This replica is the only one made from the original fossil, which was 75% complete when found in Mongolia. Notoriously, in 2010 it was smuggled out of the country and sold at auction in New York City a few years later for a whopping $1 million. The cast from which this replica was made was completed right before the fossil was repatriated to Mongolia. The smuggler also supplied Nicolas Cage with a similar skull, which he had obtained after outbidding Leonardo DiCaprio (that fossil has been returned to Mongolia as well).

This is the only Tarbosaur Shoulder Mount in the world, custom made for The Evolution Store! Own a replica of one of the most infamous fossils of all time!

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SKU: PC-RP0001
Dimensions: 16"W x 53"L x 33"H
Scientific Name: Tarbosaurus bataar
Origin: Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Epoch: Late Cretaceous
Age: 70 Million Years Old
Shipping Restrictions: None.
Made/Assembled in USA
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