Victorian Binoculars With Tripod


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Victorian Binoculars With Tripod 

The Science

This beautiful Victorian-era working showpiece is crafted from bronze with a natural bronze finish. In addition to being a beautiful decorative piece, this product is also functional and can magnify the view. These 19th century binoculars were a game changing invention of the time, used by the Victorian gentry and Army/Navy. 

The Story

These binoculars are part of our line of antique instrument replicas. These models are incredibly realistic and have a beautiful vintage feel and look to them. Coupled with an elegant tripod, this model is perfectly suited to sit on any shelf in your cabinet of curiosities. It's a perfect as a gift for a collector, anyone looking to build an antique aesthetic in their home, or for the bird watcher in your life!


SKU: HD-DS0024
Dimensions: 6.5"L x 5.5"W x 16.3"H
Material: Metal & Glass
Origin: Indonesia
Shipping Restrictions: None.