Alligator Head

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Alligator Head – Alligator mississippiensis


The American alligator, Alligator mississippiensis, is arguably one of the most iconic reptiles in North America, as well as [inarguably] the largest. Part of its notoriety stems from regular confusion with other crocodilian species and, by extension, the international popularity of The Crocodile Hunter documentary TV series hosted by the late Steve Irwin. It can be distinguished from other crocodilians by its rounded snout, and by the fact that its mandibular teeth aren’t visible when its jaws are closed. It’s considered to be a “living fossil,” having thrived on the planet for 200 million years without having evolved as a species in any notable, consequential way. Its body is armored with strong, thick scales, and it bears sturdy limbs with webbed toes as well as a long, powerful tail, both of which help the reptile propel and steer itself through water with considerable speed and efficiency. Its eyes and snout are situated on the top of the head, which allow it to breathe and stalk prey above the water’s surface while the rest of its body is submerged. Its coloration, ranging from an olive-brown to solid black, further assists it while stalking prey from the murky waters (and wetlands) of its natural habitat.


A specimen of a “living fossil”... grab one here at Evolution! This freeze-dried Alligator Head makes a handsome and unique gift, preserved with the finest materials as a by-product from a farm-raised alligator harvested for its meat and hide.


SKU: AP-TC0008
Dimensions: Small: 2.75"W x 5"L x 3"H
Medium: 5"W x 9"L x 4.5"H
Scientific Name:< em> Alligator mississippiensis
Origin: USA
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    Alligator head

    Posted by Michael Curtis on Jan 4th 2023

    It's nice but a couple of teeth were missing. They may have broken off in package.

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    Alligator head

    Posted by Katherine Quinones on Sep 29th 2022


  • 5
    I couldn't help buying them for all my family members.

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 27th 2021

    It may sound weird, but my mother and sister were so gleeful to recieve these gifts. The staff was very sweet and helpful. I highly recommend going to their store location. We loved it.