Blue Butterfly Starburst

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There are a few specimen that makeup this display, but one that really stands out is the Blue Morpho. There are at least 29 species of Morpho, a genus of brilliant blue butterflies widespread across (and unique to) Latin America. The male Morpho didius (considered by some to be a subspecies of Morpho menelaus) has large wings, the topside of which are mostly the metallic, iridescent blue color for which Morphos are famous. Morphos typically have very large wings for their body size, and fly with a characteristic slow, jerking motion. Morpho wing undersides are typically a mottled brown and/or greyish color with several prominent eye-spots, and it’s believed that the alternating of the wings’ topsides and undersides when flapped makes a Morpho in flight a difficult target for predators to place visually. A rainforest inhabitant, it’s found across much of South America and is sexually dimorphic - the females have broader dark margins splotched with white around the conspicuously smaller patches of blue. As with many butterflies, adult males are far more often encountered than females.


This particular display was designed by Bill Stevens, the founder of the Evolution Store! Check out our episode on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook to find out more about how this piece came to be! Our all-natural, intact specimens (no fake parts here!) are all of first-rate quality, delicately prepared, mounted, and framed in our very own fabrication studio in Upstate New York.

Our framed insects are made-to-order. Please allow up to two weeks for your order to be completed. If you need your order sooner than this, please contact us at 212-343-1114 x401 or and we will do our best to accommodate you!


SKU: AP-IA0002
Dimensions: 30"W x 30"H x 2.5"D
Weight: 16Lbs
Scientific Name: Morpho didius
Origin: Peru
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South America
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