Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly - Morpho menelaus



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Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly - Morpho menelaus

The Science:

There are at least 29 species of Morpho, mostly brilliant blue butterflies widespread across (and unique to) Latin America. The male Morpho menelaus has large wings, the topside of which are of the metallic, iridescent blue color for which Morphos are famous. The size of their wings, relative to their small body size, cause M. menelaus to fly with a characteristic slow, jerking motion. The undersides of the wings are typically mottled in a brown or greyish color with several pronounced eye-spots, and it is believed that the alternation of the amazing, reflective top and the underside of the wings makes a Morpho in flight a difficult target for predators to place visually. A rainforest inhabitant, it is found across much of South America and is sexually dimorphic - the females have broader dark margins dotted with white around the conspicuously smaller patches of blue. As with many butterflies, adult males are more often encountered than females.

The Story:

The Menelaus Blue Morpho is absolutely stunning in both size and beauty, and is one of our most popular specimens! All our framed insects are mounted and framed in Upstate New York. We model our frames from fine ashwood, and they’re available in both a matte-black, and a natural finish. 

Our framed insects are made-to-order. Please allow up to two weeks for your order to be completed. If you need your order sooner than this, please contact us at 212-343-1114 x401 or and we will do our best to accommodate you!


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Dimensions: 8.00"W x 7.00"H x 1.63"D
Scientific Name: Morpho menelaus
Origin: Peru
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South America
Made/Assembled in USA
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    Posted by Meggy on Dec 27th 2019

    It is absolutely stunning in person. I also ordered this pretty last minute and the individuals at the store worked with me to have it arrive before Christmas. They even called me when I didn’t respond to email quick enough. Can’t say enough about the awesome customer service as well how beautiful the specimen is. THANK YOU!!