Brazilian Agate Geode


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Brazilian Agate Geode

The Science:

Agate is a type of chalcedony - a cryptocrystalline variety of silica. Often associated with volcanic activity, it is also found in metamorphic and fossiliferous rock. Agate forms in rock cavities - whether created by bubbles or volatile material in volcanic lava or the decomposition of an item such as a seashell - which fill with molecules of silica over time. Variations in the mineral content result in an array of colors and sometimes create striking banded patterns. Agate was named for the Achates river (in what is now Italy) by a Greek philosopher named Theophrastus in approximately 350BC. Historically used for carvings, including cameos, beads and cabochons, Agate was in commercial use as early as 3,000 years ago.

The Story:

These Brazilian Agate Geodes are fashioned from the highest quality stone with one side cut and polished to display the patterns and crystals found inside. Perfect as decorative ornaments or paperweights, they are available in various colors, and because they are natural agate, each one has a completely unique profile! These agate geodes are fun to collect in every color!

Individual shapes and colors vary but your item will resemble the pictured examples.

This natural product has been enhanced with artificial dyes.


SKU: MN-AG0002
Dimensions: ~1.75"W x ~1.75"D x ~1.75"H
Origin: Brazil
Shipping Restrictions: None.
South America
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