Bronze Pocket Sextant


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Bronze Pocket Sextant

The Science

Sextants are navigation instruments primarily used in the 1700's. They measure the angular distance between two objects, usually between the horizon and a star in the sky, allowing for great precision of one's location. One could also use the sun as a reference point, which is why sliding filters are included to avoid blinding the user. (Now you know why pirates often wore an eyepatch! Occupational hazard resulting from poor sextant use!)


The Story

This Pocket Sextant is part of our line of antique instrument replicas. These models are incredibly realistic and have a beautiful vintage feel and look to them. Although most real sextants were much larger (a larger sextant replica is also available on our website), this smaller model is perfectly suited to sit on any shelf in your cabinet of curiosities. It's a perfect as a gift for a collector or anyone looking to build an antique aesthetic in their home!


SKU: HD-DS0019
Dimensions: 3.9"L x 3.9"W x 2.2"H
Material: Bronze
Origin: Indonesia
Shipping Restrictions: None.