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Mitten Crab in Resin - Eriocheir sinensis

The Science:

Crabs are a diverse and fascinating group of arthropods found in the shallow seas worldwide, with many adapted for freshwater and some for the land. Generally speaking, they are distinguished from other Decapod Crustaceans by having a very short “tail,” usually wrapped up underneath their bodies. Varying in size from tiny Pea Crabs to giant Spider Crabs more than 12 feet across, they are omnivores, eating algae and scavenging carrion as well as ambushing and devouring all kinds of other creatures.

The Story:

Embedded in clear Lucite resin, this is a real specimen of Eriocheir sinensis, the “Chinese Mitten Crab,” so-called because it develops curious furry patches on its claws once it reaches a carapace size of more than an inch or so across. Considered one of the worst of all invasive species, it has been introduced widely in Europe and North America, and has reached Alaska, the Chesapeake and the Great Lakes. It is eaten as a traditional delicacy in China, especially in the fall, when females will be caught bearing roe. These cute little Insect paperweights are fun to collect and make great gifts for kids!


SKU: AP-RE0020
Dimensions: 1.13"W x 1.75"H x 0.75"D
Scientific Name: Eriocheir sinensis
Origin: China
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    Small and interesting

    Posted by Auntie on Nov 7th 2018

    Captivating little creature