Cockroach in Resin


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Cockroach in Resin

Cockroaches are famous for being among the hardiest of insects. There are over 4,500 species of cockroaches, some of which can go for over a month without food. 

Cockroaches have broad, flat bodies, small heads, and few special adaptations; they are among the most primitive of living neopteran insects. While come species of cockroach are considered pests, like this American cockroach, the various species of cockroach are incredibly diverse and many play an important role in their ecosystem, like the giant Australian burrowing cockroach, which can grow more than three inches long. 

This specimen is set in transparent lucite resin, making it a great decorative piece or educational display.


SKU: AP-RE0052
Dimensions: 1.63"W x 2.88"H x 1"D
Scientific Name: Periplaneta australasiae
Origin: China
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