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Tarantula - Ornithoctonus huwenum

The Science:

Known as the “Golden Earth Tiger,” this large Chinese Tarantula species can grow up to 7 inches across. Like many other large Tarantulas around the world, it is known as a “Bird Spider,” perhaps for the fanciful notion that such huge spiders must spin giant webs that might catch birds rather than insects. But all these types of spider are ground-dwelling ambush predators, consuming mostly insects and small ground-dwelling vertebrates such as mice and lizards. Considered highly venomous, the Earth Tiger’s neurotoxin is often lethal to small animals, even in small doses, but its effect on humans is not well documented. This Tarantula is quite aggressive and will bite if disturbed, but Earth Tigers are kept as pets by Arachnid Enthusiasts.

The Story:

This real specimen of the Earth Tiger Tarantula is mounted in crystal-clear Lucite resin. All the detail of this fascinating Arachnid is captured for close examination, from the hairs on its body to the fearsome fangs that deliver venom. It is excellent for educational display and makes an unusual piece of science decor for a desk or shelf!


SKU: AP-RE0006
Dimensions: 3.75"W x 5.50"H x 1.50"D
Scientific Name: Ornithoctonus huwena
Origin: China
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