Chocolate Dipped Insects


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Chocolate Dipped Insects - Tenebrio molitor & Gryllidae sp.

The Science:

Tenebrio molitor, the mealworm beetle, looks quite different in its larvae form, the mealworm. They typically are only 2.5 cm long and are often used to feed reptiles, fish, or birds, but they are also edible for humans. In fact, its consumption as human food goes back centuries as they are easy to raise and provide important nutritional benefits. Today, they are a common snack and form of street food in Southeast Asia. 

Next, the Gryllidae sp., aka crickets. Similarly to the meal worm, crickets are also very good at converting their food into body mass, and are thus often used as food. They can serve to feed pets as well as humans, and are often fried as snack in Southeast Asia as well. 


The Story:

Everything tastes good when it's been dipped in chocolate right? These unique snacks come in both milk chocolate and white chocolate and are the perfect gag gift to impress your friends! 


SKU: PL-FD0006
Net Weight: 14g
Scientific Name: Tenebrio molitor & Gryllidae sp.
Origin: USA
Flavor: Milk Chocolate
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North America
Made/Assembled in USA
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