Stick Insect in Resin


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Stick Insect in Resin

Stick Insects, also called Walking Sticks, are extremely difficult to spot in the wild because of their striking stick-like appearance. They are of the order Phasmida, which comes from the Greek for “apparition,” alluding to their ability to blend almost perfectly with their surroundings and seemingly appear out of thin air. They have thin, elongated bodies and the color and texture of wood or bark. Some can even change color to match their surroundings like a chameleon. Like the Praying Mantis, the Walking stick rocks slowly back and forth, mimicking vegetation blowing in the wind. Unlike the Mantis, however, the Walking Stick is not a predator; it is an herbivore, eating various leaves and shrubs. They range from ½ inch to 12 inches in length, but this specimen is about 4 inches long and set in transparent lucite resin, making it a great decorative piece or educational display.


SKU: AP-RE0059
Dimensions: 1.63"W x 4.38"H x 1.13"D
Scientific Name: Phasmatodea
Origin: China
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    Perfect fit for the collection

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 28th 2022

    I ordered this here after looking for one at larger stores. It arrived well packaged and fit perfectly into the slot of the case the rest of my bug collection is in! It also arrived well on time and in great condition, i highly reccomend this and the other items on this store for anyone finishing their own collections.