Floral Skull


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Floral Skull, Resin

The Science:

Fabricating decorative skulls (calaveras) has been a traditional activity across many different Mesoamerican cultures for centuries, perhaps most notably in celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de [los] Muertos). A variety of fabrication methods have existed for equally as long; these range from molding edible calaveras by hand out of sugar, to carving calaveras out of clay, resin, etc.-- to etching designs into natural, osseous skulls. Production via any method, especially when in mass, can take a considerable amount of time (even to this day); the amount of time taken depends a great deal on the level of aesthetic quality desired.

The Story:

The Floral Skull is a must-have from our collection. Solid, strong, and relatively light, it’s casted from the highest-quality resin and features an absolutely gorgeous, etched design that’s guaranteed to turn heads.


SKU: HD-SD0006
Dimensions: 5.75"W x 6.25"H x 8"L
Material: Cold Cast Resin, Hand painted
Shipping Restrictions: None.