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The red fox, Vulpes vulpes, is the largest species of true fox and the most widespread carnivorous species in the world. Its range spans prairies, forests, tundras, deserts, and even urbanized areas. Known for its cunning, it’s an opportunistic feeder that will not only steal, but also consume sedges, grasses, fruit, and seeds if the small mammals, birds, fish, and amphibians that it usually hunts aren’t available. As its common name suggests, the red fox generally has a reddish-brown coat but can also, albeit less commonly in the wild, be found with white (often confused with the arctic fox) and silver-gray coats. The species is a notorious carrier of the Rabies virus, and is considered one of the most invasive species in the world (particularly when it comes to farm areas). However, it is also a major source of profit within the fur trade. Fox skulls are, on average, fairly narrow and elongated with small braincases. Their canine teeth are relatively long. Females generally have smaller skulls than males, but with wider muzzles and also longer canines.


Our fox skulls are obtained as by-products of the aforementioned fur trade. They would have been discarded otherwise; we fumigate and treat them in our very own fabrication studio. These handsome skulls are not only perfect for study, but also make very intriguing, rustic decor. Add one to your collection today!


This Specimen comes with their jaw glued shut with hot glue. The skulls are lightly glue and may be easily unglued. However, you may also add to the order notes that you would like your skull to be shipped out unglued.


SKU: SS-AS0007
Dimensions: 5.5"W x 3"H x 2"D
Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpes
Origin: USA
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North America
Made/Assembled in USA
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  • 4
    Very nice quality

    Posted by Fallon on Jan 4th 2021

    I was not expecting the jaw to be glued shut and I don’t recall that in the description. Otherwise great condition!

  • 4
    Great gift

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 27th 2020

    My cousin collects skulls and more and this was the perfect gift for her. Nicely packaged and cared for. Beautiful conservation, would shop here again!

  • 5
    Beautiful skull

    Posted by Joyce on Mar 7th 2020

    Received excellent quality fox skull. Gave to friend for her birthday - she loved it!