Freeze Dried House Mouse - White


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The common house mouse, known to many as both an uninvited guest and a cherished pet, holds a unique place in households worldwide. Their remarkable adaptability has not only made them one of the most widespread mammals but also a symbol of resilience and survival.

Mus musculus, or the common house mouse, thrives in diverse environments, marking its presence from urban dwellings to rural settings. This adaptability has crowned them as one of the most successful mammals on our planet.

Our freeze dried white mice are a testament to expert preservation, capturing every intricate detail. From the gentle curve of its tail and the delicate nature of its ears to the precision of its claws, each specimen embodies authenticity. While individual specimens may vary, rest assured your purchase will closely resemble the showcased example.


SKU: AP-TX0001
Dimensions: 6"L x 1.5W x 1"H
Scientific Name: Mus musculus
Shipping Restrictions: None
North America
Made/Assembled in USA
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