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Halloween Favorites!

  • Butterfly Sticky Notes
    3D Butterfly Sticky Notes $5.00

    3D Butterfly Sticky Notes Paper butterfly wall decorations & notes.Even if you don't have important messages and reminders to leave stuck around the house, butterfly sticky notes look awesome used as simple wall...

  • Badger Skull  - Thumbnail
    Badger Skull $49.00

    Badger - Taxidea taxus The Story: These are handsome skulls, obtained as by-products from a small family business in the fur trade. Not as carefully prepared as our first-quality skulls, they may show small defects...

  • Bell Jar Light
    Bell Jar Light $98.00

    Bell Jar Light Illuminate your favorite objects in a glass case. Hand blown glass dome on a painted wooden base.USB powered, UK/EU/USA/Australia power adaptor included.Cool running LEDs with 2 diffusers provides a...

  • Bobcat Skull - Thumbnail
    Bobcat Skull $89.00

    Bobcat Skull - Lynx rufus  

  • Lucky Cane Toad - Thumbnail
    Cane Toad $49.00

    Cane Toad  

  • Conjoined A-Baby Skeleton - Front
    Conjoined A-Baby Skeleton $799.00

    Conjoined A-Baby Skeleton (Replica) This A-Baby Skeleton is an artist's rendering of a pair of twins conjoined at the head. The babies' bodies join into a single point, forming the A shape that gives this item its name...

  • Conjoined Y-Baby Skeleton - Front
    Conjoined Y-Baby Skeleton $699.00

    Conjoined Y-Baby Skeleton (Replica) This Y-Baby Skeleton is an artist's rendering of a pair of twins conjoined at the spine. The babies' bodies split off into two heads, forming the Y shape that gives this item its name...

  • Death by wine - Gold
    Death By Wine - Skull Wine Stopper $19.00

    Death By Wine - Skull Wine Stopper Don't be scared of that unfinished bottle of wine - use this macabre wine stopper to keep it fresh and then enjoy at your leisure...

  • Hip Flask & Funnel
    Hip Flask & Funnel - For Medicinal Purposes $29.00

    Hip Flask & Funnel - For Medicinal Purposes Black powder coated stainless steel 6oz hip flask with laser etched heart graphic and no-spill funnel.

  • Magnifying Glass Pendant - With Chain
    Magnifying Glass Necklace $39.00

    Magnifying Glass Pendant This pendant is actually a small magnifying glass about 1.5 inches across, and will come in handy when examining small details. An attractive antique bronze finish makes these a perfect accessory...

  • Pair of Goat Horns - Thumbnail
    Pair of Goat Horns $29.00


  • Pewter Skull Necklace - Gold Plated Thumbnail
    Pewter Skull Necklace $18.00

    Pewter Skull Pendant The Story: This charming, lead-free pewter pendant, it comes strung on a 20-inch antique silver chain or gold plated chain...

  • Cork coffee cup - Thumbnail
    Reusable Cork Coffee Cup - Killer Coffee $25.00

    Reusable Cork Coffee Cup - Killer Coffee Grippy, on the go, anti-spill coffee cup, Simple Features: - Double walled for insulation (hot or cold)  - Screw on lid with anti-spill cap  - Cork outer with printed...

  • Shrunken Head - Front
    Shrunken Head $79.00

    Shrunken Head Accounts of shrunken human heads as objects of magic or trade have fascinated and horrified people for hundreds of years. The practice originated with the Jivaro tribes of the Northwestern Amazon, who...

  • Skeleton Hand Jewellery Tidy - Thumbnail
    Skeleton Hand Jewellery Tidy $49.00

    Skeleton Hand Jewellery Tidy Keep things in the palm of your hand. Need a helping-hand holding your jewellery? Skeleton Hand will keep rings, bracelets and earrings organised neatly. Too many trinkets to wear all at...

  • Skull Scissors - Thumbnail
    Skull Scissors $15.00

    Skull Scissors Shockingly sharp stainless-steel scissors with a brass finish. From hair-raising haircuts to creepy paper crafts, these heavy-duty general use scissors are both handy and haunting in equal measure. The best...

  • Skull Tidy
    Skull Tidy $79.00

    Skull Tidy Keep your essentials in your head.  Keys, glasses, phone, watch, loose change, the entire contents of your pockets - it can be difficult keeping all of these things in mind. Get organised and keep your...

  • Snake, Cleared and Stained - Thumbnail
    Snake, Cleared and Stained $169.00

    Snake, Cleared and Stained - Serpentes Cleared and Stained Snakes make great museum specimens or educational classroom displays!

  • Apothecary Jars - Thumbnail
    Vintage Apothecary Jars Set $239.00

    Vintage Apothecary Jars Vintage Apothecary Jars Includes 4 Sizes (small imperfections, variation in shape and size are natural characteristics of Hand-Blown glass). This item will be sold as a set 24 jars (6 jars of each...

  • Vintage Chest and Abdomen Poster - Front View
    Vintage Chest and Abdomen Poster $495.00

    Vintage Chest and Abdomen Poster This vintage American Frohse pull down anatomical chart of Visera of Chest and Abdomen Plate 6, was edited by Max Brodel at John Hopkins and published by A. J. Nystrom & Co., Chicago in...