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Home Décor & Art

  • Mathematics Hardcover Journal - Front
  • Tiger Rug
    Tiger Rug $295.00

    TIGER RUG THE SCIENCE The tiger is the biggest of the “big cats”, reaching up to 11 feet in length. Tigers are solitary animals and are distinguished from other felines by their distinctive black stripes. Most...

  • Feejee Mermaid - Vertical
    Feejee Mermaid - Standing $500.00

    Feejee Mermaid - Standing The Science The "original" Feejee Mermaid was so-named by PT Barnum, although it was probably created in Japan. Made by joining half the corpse of a monkey and half that of a fish, the parts...

  • Shrunken Head - Front
    Shrunken Head $80.00

    Shrunken Head The Science Accounts of shrunken human heads as objects of magic or trade have fascinated and horrified people for hundreds of years. The practice originated with the Jivaro tribes of the Northwestern...

  • Filigree Skull - All sizes
    Filigree Skull $89.00

    Filigree Skull These beautiful filigree skulls were designed and modeled on a computer, then brought to life using a 3D printing process. Resembling Mexican Day Of The Dead sugar skulls, their delicate patterns enchant the...

  • Feejee Mermaid - Side
    Feejee Mermaid - Horizontal $300.00

    Feejee Mermaid The "original" Feejee Mermaid was so-named by PT Barnum, although it was probably created in Japan. Made by joining half the corpse of a monkey and half that of a fish, the parts were mummified together so...

  • Versailles Globe
    Versailles Globe $67.00

    Versailles Globe

  • Brain Soap - Pink
    Brain Soap $6.00

    Brain Soap The Science Note: Does not actually contain brains. DOES contain Shea Butter, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Coconut Oil, Triethanolamine, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Myristate, Sodium Laurate, Sodium Stearate,...

  • Greeting Card - It's Going Tibia Okay
    Greeting Card $5.00

    Greeting Card The perfect card for a special someone with a bone-dry sense of humor. Blank on the inside, each card is 4'' x 5.5'' and hand-stamped on off-white card stock, so each one is slightly different. Comes with...

  • Black Organic Oil Skull Soaps
    Black Organic Oil Skull Soaps (3 Pack) $16.00

    Black Organic Oil Skull Soaps With Activated Charcoal- 3 pack These activated charcoal soap draw toxins from the skin, help eliminate acne & blackheads, won’t dry out the skin- but more importantly skulls soaps...

  • Bronze Aztec Skull
    Bronze Aztec Skull $45.00

    Skulls were powerful symbols in both Spanish and Mexican Aztec culture in the middle Ages. In Aztec culture, like many ancient cultures, the head was believed to be a source of human power and energy. The Aztecs are recorded...

  • Bronze Skull Head W/O Jaw
    Bronze Skull Head w/o Jaw $40.00

    Resin Skull - Bronze Finish This cool new item is a striking cast resin skull, a bit smaller than life-size and finished with a beautiful coppery-bronze metallic sheen. This eye-catching piece makes a great prop or piece of...

  • Spider Web Thumbnail
    Spider Web $119.00

    SPIDER WEB The Science These genuine Spider Webs are stunning examples of nature's astounding architecture that can be preserved forever in your home. Dusted with silver pigment, carefully captured and permanently affixed...

  • Savoy Pocket Watch - Front
  • Victorian Pocket Watch face
  • Heaven & Earth Globe Bookends
  • Victorian Dome Watch
  •  Artist's Hand
  • Stand for The Eye of Time clock Library
  • Bronzed 30 Minute Hourglass