Malachite Necklace


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Malachite Necklace

When we stumbled upon this collection of dainty mineral jewelry, we were so excited! We love subtle pieces that really let the mineral shine and be the center of attention. And there were so many beautiful styles to choose from!

Did you know that malachite is actually related to copper? Malachite deposits are often found alongside copper veins. First-millienium-era French poet Marbodius of Rennes recommended malachite as a talisman for young people. Our malachite comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and this necklace was assembled in India.

This line of jewelry uses only sterling silver (hypoallergenic) and natural minerals! So it's perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Which one is your favorite?


SKU: AC-NL0054
Dimensions: Malachite is ~3/4", Chain is 18"
Composition: Copper Carbonate
Origin Congo
Shipping Restrictions: None.