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  • Amber with Insect
    Amber with Insect $24.00

    Amber with Insect Amber is fossilized resin from pine trees which grew in prehistoric forests. Resin running down a tree occasionally trapped small insects and preserved them for the ages. Mosquitoes trapped in amber were...

  • Ammonite
    Ammonite $2.00

    Fossil Ammonite: Cleoniceras sp. These are excellent, hand-picked examples of Cleoniceras Ammonites from Madagascar. Ammonites from this location are unusually well-preserved, and are often filled with calcite crystals...

  • B Quality - Megalodon Shark Tooth
    B Quality - Megalodon Shark Tooth $89.00

    Megalodon Teeth These are the fossil teeth of Megalodon, an extinct giant shark thought to have grown more than fifty feet in length which roamed the seas worldwide between about 25 million and 1.5 million years ago...

  • Spinosaurus Teeth Thumbnail
    B-Quality Dinosaur Teeth $39.00

    B-Quality Dinosaur Teeth These genuine Dinosaur Teeth come from Spinosaurus(meaning "Spine Lizard" due to the array of spines forming a fin on its back), which may have attained lengths of over 50 feet and was perhaps...

  • Fossil Trilobite - Thumbnail
    Flexicalymene species - Fossil Trilobite $12.00

    TRILOBITES: Flexicalymene species These trilobites are common fossils from Morocco. Preserved with rusty-colored limonite crystals, these are actually the molds of the shells of Flexicalymene trilobites,...

  • Fossil Ammonite - Thumbnail
    Fossil Ammonites - Perisphinctes sp. $22.00

    Whole AmmonitePerisphinctes species Perisphinctes, which flourished during the Jurassic, are found in many places around the world. They have striking ribbed shells and specimens from Madagascar often have a chalky...

  • Tumbled Orthoceras - Thumbnail
    Fossil Nautiloid - Orthoceras sp. $6.00

    Nautiloid Like their modern relative the chambered nautilus, Nautiloids had a soft body with tentacles that emerged from a hollow shell filled with gas for buoyancy. Unlike the Nautilus, which is admired for the beauty of...

  • Otodus obliquus - Thumbnail
    Fossil Sand Shark Tooth $2.00


  • Fossil Sea Urchin
    Fossil Sea Urchin $9.00

    Small Sea Urchins from Madagascar, these little specimens exhibit a five-pointed star pattern typical of may of their Echinoderm kin. A lovely little item for a bowl or curiosity collection!Sea urchins are small, spiny...

  • Fossil Shrimp
    Fossil Shrimp $59.00

    Fossil Shrimp - Carpopenaeus callirostrisIndividual shapes and fossils vary but your item will resemble the pictured example.The Greek historian Herodotus first mentioned the fossil beds of Hakel and Hajoula, Lebanon,...

  • Fossil Trilobite - Thumbnail
    Fossil Trilobite - Gerastos sp. $39.00

    Trilobite: Gerastos Species These nice little Proetid Trilobites have a bulging cephalon and well-defined beady little eyes. They make a great addition to any fossil collection.Trilobites are a type of extinct...

  • Knightia species - Fossil Fish
    Knightia species - Fossil Fish $39.00

    Fossil Fish – Knightia species Knightia are the most common fish in the Green River Formation, an Eocene geologic formation in the Rocky Mountains, also known as the Fossil Lake. Fish found in the limestone...

  • Rainbow Petrified Wood Stand-ups Thumbnail
    Rainbow Petrified Wood Stand-ups $28.00

    These handsome blocks have been cut and polished to prominently display the colors, markings and patterns that are unique to each piece. Each has a flat base finished on the bottom with black felt to protect your furniture...

  • Small Tumbled Petrified Wood - Thumbnail
    Tumbled Petrified Wood $3.00

    Tumbled Petrified Wood These small, lovely pieces of petrified wood have been tumbled smooth to bring out the colors, markings and patterns that are unique to each one. Glossy and slippery to the touch, They make great...