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Mink Skull

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  • Mink Skull
  • Mink Skull

Mink Skull

Scientific Name:
Neovison vison
Shipping Restrictions:
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Out of Stock



The American mink, Neovison vison, is a nocturnal and semi-aquatic carnivore that thrives around forested streams, lakes, and marshes throughout North America. Adult minks reach up to 2 feet in length, and weigh between 2-3 pounds. Like many of its kin in the Mustelidae family, it has specialized scent glands around its genital area that it uses to mark its territory (and ward off perceived threat). It is a skillful hunter, its diet consisting primarily of small fish, frogs, and crayfish, as well as small mammals. The mink itself is preyed upon by bobcats and foxes, but it is most often trapped by humans for its glossy brown pelt. Its fur remains one of the most valuable within the fur trade. An adult mink’s skull is around 3.1 inches long, and about 1.2 inches wide, with 34 teeth on average.


Our mink skulls are obtained as by-products of the aforementioned fur trade. They would’ve been discarded otherwise; we fumigate and treat them in our very own fabrication studio. These handsome skulls are not only perfect for study, but also make very intriguing, rustic decor. Add one to your collection today


This Specimen comes with their jaw glued shut with hot glue. The skulls are lightly glue and may be easily unglued. However, you may also add to the order notes that you would like your skull to be shipped out unglued.

SKU:                                       SS-AS0002
Dimensions:                      W x H x D
Scientific Name:             Neovison vison.
Origin:                                  USA
Shipping Restrictions: International wildlife export fees apply

Customers with shipping addresses outside of the US will be charged an additional $168.00 for US Fish & Wildlife Services processing fees. Please allow up to 60 days for your order to be processed. Read our full international wildlife shipping policy here.


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  1. Awesome

    Posted by on Jul 21st 2017

    Clean and beautiful. All teeth still in tact.

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